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Counselling ...

People often feel uncertain or vulnerable about contacting a counsellor, especially for the first time, sometimes not knowing what they would say, sometimes not knowing how to say it.  My role in our counselling relationship is to listen very carefully to you, to treat you with respect, dignity and consideration so that, however tentative you may feel, you can bring your concerns to the conversation​. 

Our first conversation will most likely be over the telephone.  In this first conversation, you can tell me a little about what is troubling you and I will tell you about how I work, costs, etc.


All in all, the aim of this first conversation is to work out whether we think we could work together.  If we feel that I am the right counsellor for you, we will work out when our next conversation will be.   


Coaching works best when you have a goal in mind: what it is that you want to be better, or what it is that you  want to achieve.  It is my role to ask questions that will clarify your goals, provide insight and explore possibilities.  Together, we will aim to find achievable practical ways forward that will work for you.

The next step is to contact me.  I am keen to hear about what you are working towards.  As every coach is different, you may have questions for me too.  That's okay - I understand that you will want to know that I am the person that you want to work with, that I will be supportive of you towards your goals.  


Practicing counsellors are required to participate in regular clinical supervision with the aim of focusing on their client work.  More and more non-counselling professionals are recognising the value of this work too.

Learning through reflection, together we will enquire, reflect and explore - always with a mindfulness of your client and the aim to positively impact on their and your outcomes.  

What do I bring?  A broad range of qualifications in the helping professions (clinical supervision, counselling, executive coaching and mentoring) and a range of experience that includes working in private practice, in organisations and in educational and voluntary settings.  I also bring an enquiring mind and a belief that you are your own best expert and the best representation of your client.

If you think that we might work well together, please feel free to get in touch.