About Less Stress Training and Development Workshops

The Less Stress range of workshops are perfect for individuals or organisations who want to improve aspects of their work life or home life in a way that will improve personal effectiveness and productivity whilst managing stress and pressure.


Never has this been more important as recently, almost half of the population report to feeling more stress then they are comfortable with on a regular basis.  While some stress is good for us, prolonged stress is not helpful and is potentially dangerous for our health.

With increased knowledge and skills, we can learn to manage stressors and the impact that stress has on our work life or home life.

Less Stress - Better Relationships

This Less Stress workshop can help you to build and maintain relationships at work or at home.

Relationships with others are critical to our personal and professional success and our wellbeing.  If our relationships aren't as successful as we would like, we can see signs of stress, anxiety, depression or even a complete relationship breakdown.  

Less Stress - Time Management

Not enough hours in the day?

Through training and coaching, I have helped hundreds of people to assess how they are effective - or not - in managing their time with the aim to getting more done while feeling less stressed.  Could I help you  or your organisation with the same?

Less Stress - Coping With Change

Although we know that change will happen with or without us, sometimes we try to fight it, try to slow its progress or try to stop it altogether, and sometimes it's only once the change has happened that we start to deal with it, feeling anger or sadness for what once was.

This Less Stress training or coaching can support coming to terms with changes, and help you to become more resilient to future change.

Less Stress - In The Workplace

Stress in the workplace has ramifications for an organisation as a whole as well as the individuals within it.  Line Managers have a duty of care to their staff to help manage the factors which cause stress.

This Less Stress workshop can help Line Managers to raise their awareness of how stress impacts on them, team members and productivity and provides them with guidelines so they can confidently deal with issues should they arise.

Less Stress - Delegation

Being able to delegate at work is meant to be a blessing.  However, many managers and team leaders find delegating stressful, others have given up delegating altogether and risk burnout.

The Less Stress - Delegation training/ coaching helps Managers to reduce stress when delegating by highlighting what to delegate to whom and to understand how to get better results.

If you would like to know more ... please contact me to discuss your requirements.  I look forward to hearing from you.