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Hi.  I'm Samantha, although I prefer you call me Sam.  


At the centre of how I work is my belief that you know your situation better than I do and that in this regard you are your own best expert.  So I don't see my job as being a fixer who tells you what to do and how you should do things better.  Rather I see my job as listening to you to really hear what is going on for you and offer you the best support I can. 

Scope of work

On a personal client basis, I work with adults and young people (12+) for a wide range of issues including:

  • loss and bereavement

  • anxiety, depression, feelings of inability to cope

  • dealing with intrusive or suicidal thoughts

  • relationship difficulties (personal or professional)

  • stress 

  • making choices about personal and professional development

  • anger management

  • self harm

  • bullying

  • feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt 

  • issues from childhood

  • confidence and assertiveness

  • illness - own or others

Other info:

What to expect from our first session

Confidentiality and privacy

Qualifications, memberships and affiliations