Hi.  I'm Samantha, although I prefer you call me Sam.  


It feels important to tell you a little bit about what you can expect if you decide to contact me.  At the centre of how I work is my belief that you know your situation better than I do and that in this regard you are your own best expert.  So I don't see my job as being a fixer who tells you what to do and how you should do things better.  Rather I see my job as listening to you to really hear what is going on for you, hear what's working for you and hear what's not.  From here, in what I hope you find to be a safe and trusting environment, we work together to find out what you need and move forward together.  

On a personal client basis, I work with adults and young people (12+) for a wide range of issues including:

  • loss and bereavement

  • anxiety, depression, feelings of inability to cope and handling intrusive or suicidal thoughts

  • personal and professional relationship difficulties 

  • making choices about professional development

  • stress 

  • anger management

  • feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt 

  • bullying 

  • confidence and assertiveness

  • illness - own or others

My qualifications include: 

  • Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling( (Dip.Couns.)

  • Level 6 Diploma in Clinical Supervision

  • Post graduate certificate in Personnel and Development (Assoc.CIPD)

  • Level 6 Certificate in Business and Executive Coaching


  • Level 6 Diploma in Clinical Superivison

  • Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • Level 3 Diploma in Child Psychology

  • Level 2 Certificate in Listening Skills

  • Diploma in Counselling with Children and Young People

plus further training in the following areas:

  • Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals (for working online and on the telephone)

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and SafeTALK 

  • Person Centred Family Therapy

My own training involves ongoing training and commitment to development which is both theoretical and experiential.   This ongoing development has included studies into mindfulness, meditation, addiction, obsessive compulsive behaviour, working therapeutically with children, how people learn, personal and professional development. 


Membership to professional organisations provides a professional framework for counsellors to work to and provides a level of assurance that you will be working with someone who will treat you with respect and act in your best interests.  My membership details are:

  • Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

(Certificate number 238976)

  • Registered Therapist with Anxiety UK

Working professionally is very important to me.

I am proud to be a Registered Therapist with Anxiety UK and to be affiliated with Freeflow Counselling Services.

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